Halilit Edushape Stackers and Nesters

Halilit Edushape Stackers and Nesters


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Your toddler is going to love playing with this stacking and nesting set!

Watch your child stack and build the blocks using their problem-solving skills and even their senses. Each shape comes in a variety of sizes, from little to big, which is perfect for stacking, and various fun colours to play with. What’s more, each shape is coated with an interesting texture for your little one to touch and explore.

The cubes can be stacked in a tower shape, nested inside one another, or simply arranged in any way imaginable! Each piece in the Stackers and Nesters set is an adventure for your child to enjoy, and each and every nest is a small puzzle for your toddler to solve and develop their construction skills

  • The shapes come in various colours and textures. This will help to improve your child’s colour recognition and stimulate your toddler’s senses.

  • Each play block is stackable and nestable. This will help your child to improve their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

  • Varying sizes and nesting features will help your child to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • These play blocks can be used to teach your child how to count.

  • This product has been recommended for children over six months.

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6 months+



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