Hape Baby's Farm Animal Book

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The Hape Baby’s Farm Animal Book is the ideal way to introduce your little ones to the farmyard! Each page features bright, colourful illustrations which are a delight for the senses, helping you teach your baby or toddler all about farm animals and the noises they make. Suitable for infants aged ten months and up, this charming book is made from sustainable wood which is safe to chew.

This book is a really popular choice at the Whirli toy library, and a great way to introduce children to the concept of learning. The cute illustrated animals are guaranteed to raise a smile and a giggle, as you introduce your little one to the idea of reading and page turning. This book has been made with a commitment to sustainability and complies with all international safety regulations, so you can let your baby play and chew to their heart’s content.

  • A fantastic introduction to farmyard animals and the noises they make.

  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and up.

  • Chewable wood, for little ones who are teething.

  • Great for sensory development, with bright colours.

  • Good introduction to reading and learning through play.

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