Hape Balance Wonder

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Balance bikes are the ideal way to get your child confident on two wheels. No pedals to worry about, just sit on the comfortable seat and experiment with finding balance and having fun.

Kids start off by just sitting on the bike, then using their legs and feet to push it around. Once they’ve gained a little more confidence, they can start to coast on the bike and eventually will learn to steer. A superb first step in learning to cycle, and an experience that you and your child can share in together.

The beautiful wooden build is not only tactile and quirkily retro but also a commitment to sustainability.

  • Adjustable seat.

  • Suitable for ages three and up to allow your child to become bike-confident early on in life.

  • Improves confidence which has a positive impact on all areas of life.

  • Great way to get the kids outdoors even from a very young age.

  • A fun way to explore the world.

  • Encourages mindfulness and sustainability as cycling is the most environmentally sound way to travel.

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3 years+



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