Hape Choo Choo Tracks

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All aboard! Hape Choo Choo Tracks are fun educational puzzles for young kids (aged 2 and up), encouraging the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving. Using a magnetic wand to lead marbles through a train shaped maze, this toy is a perfect way to practice dexterity and hand/eye coordination, using logic and critical thinking to learn about cause and effect. Navigating the track also introduces ideas of spatial relationships and manipulation.

This hand-held wooden maze is durable and compact, so it is easily stored when not in use. The pieces are all enclosed for security, meaning you can sit and explore the maze with your child or be happy in the knowledge they can interact with it safely. This feature also makes it a great toy for travelling. Take the Choo Choo tracks with you on a long journey or to the doctor's office to keep your child entertained and learning even outside of the house! Have no worries about transport with the carrying handle and fixed plastic cover to protect from bad weather or potential spills.

  • Bright and colourful train engages and entertains.

  • Encourages developmental skills.

  • Small, hand-held maze easy to transport and store.

  • Suitable for children from two years.

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2 years+



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