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For all the budding little farmers in your life, the Fun Farm by Hape is a great toy to encourage the development of fine motor skills in an exciting and engaging manner! Spatial awareness and relationships, logic, cause and effect understanding and critical thinking are all also developed through playing with the Fun Farm.

This handheld maze can be played in any way that a child wants, with no right or wrong way to use the magnetic wand to guide tiny balls to the waiting mouths of hungry animals! As all the pieces are enclosed and the main body of the maze is wooden and sturdy, the Fun Farm is perfect for keeping your little ones happy while travelling.

Because the Fun Farm is designed with bright colours, friendly animal faces and for educational purposes, it also makes the perfect gift for any small children and toddlers in your life.

  • Suitable for children two years and up.

  • Ideal travel toy as the magnetic wand is attached and all pieces are enclosed.

  • Fine motor skills, dexterity, coordination and problem solving are all developed.

  • Designed with a commitment to sustainability in mind.

  • Is compliant with all international quality and safety standards

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2 years+



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