Hape Multi-Spout Sprayer

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Make bathtime even more fun with the Hape Multi-Spout Sprayer. This fantastic water toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Hape Multi-Spout Sprayer is easy to use, with a little grown-up guidance to get started. Simply put the pump into the water, lift the handle to draw up the water, then press it down above the water to watch a pattern of spray. Children can change the direction of the spout, to experiment with different spray patterns, learning more about cause and effect.

For children that enjoy playing in the bath, the Hape Multi-Spout Sprayer is sure to be an exciting addition. For little ones that feel nervous or anxious about bathtime, this could be the perfect way to encourage them to take a dip.

Make bathtime fun, with a toy that works even in very shallow water. Children of all ages find it hard to resist fun water play, and this easy-to-use water spout is a simple but effective toy.

  • 4 built-in nozzles, each spraying water in different directions.

  • Ideal for the bath, or outdoor play in a paddling pool.

  • A portable plastic toy, for bathtime fun.

  • Teaches children cause and effect.

  • Learn about shapes and patterns.

  • Recommended for children aged 24 months +

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2 years+



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