Hape Penguin Music Wobbler

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The Hape Penguin Musical Wobble is an entertaining toy that can teach your little one about cause and effect through movement and sound. This adorable Penguin pal responds by wobbling, spinning, rocking and rolling on its wooden base when pushed or batted. It also mimics the waddling motion of penguins by flapping its wings!

On top of this, the Wobble is renowned for creating a soothing tinkling sound. It’s marvellously designed with an inbuilt speaker, and the music volume is adjustable. The melody will help your young ones feel pacified and comforted during their playtime or when heading to slumberland.

The soothing melody will also assist children in exploring new ways of creating music, memory development, and acquiring problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, the wobbling and waddling effects of this Hape Penguin encourage the development of sensory and motor skills.

For any child aged 6 months or older, this is the ideal gift as it is durable, safe and fun, offering hours of amusement.

  • Semi-wooden penguin toy that waddles, wobbles and spins.

  • Plays a soothing melody to pacify children.

  • Responds to touch helping your child learn about cause and effect.

  • Suitable for children 6 months+

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6 months+



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