Hape Quadrilla Castle Escape Marble Run

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Marble runs are fantastic, timeless toys that have pleased many generations past and present; this latest offering from manufacturer Hape is no different.

The wooden Castle Escape Marble Run includes visual and audio features such as bells and transparent stairways to stimulate different senses and keep children engaged throughout play.

This easy-to-assemble game comes with just over 100 puzzle pieces, presenting a great opportunity for children to develop building, problem solving and engineering skills – and possibly a bit of peace and quiet for a couple of hours too!

The run also features different coloured blocks, all with separate functions, to encourage creativity and logical thinking.

Follow the marble’s progress from the top of the castle, through the spiral, before seeing which path it will take to the bottom of the run – and then start all over again.

There are hours of fun and creative play for all the family to be had with the Castle Escape Marble Run.

  • Wooden marble run, great fun for all the family.

  • Suitable for children aged 4+

  • Simple assembly required, which can help to develop building, problem-solving and engineering skills.

  • Coloured blocks with different functions also help develop logical thinking and creativity.

  • 63 x 26 x 58cm.

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under the aged of 3 as marbles can be a choking hazard.

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4 years+



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