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Hape Red Flame Guitar


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Got a budding Mozart in your life? With the Hape Red Flame guitar, the world of music is quite literally at your child's fingertips.

Perfect for younger children who want to learn an instrument, the Hape Red Flame is a uniquely sized cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele, built for easy handling by small hands - and it's not just for show, either. The Red Flame guitar is fully functional, including working tuning pegs, and can be played in a variety of styles. Explore sound dynamics, learn songs or just rock out - the only limit is your child's imagination.

An excellent learning tool for beginners, the Hape Red Flame Guitar is the perfect way to introduce your child to a fun, creative hobby whilst greatly aiding their personal development. This instrument also includes instructions on the basics of guitar and is made with a commitment to sustainability. Whether you're looking to give your child a ramp into creative expression or just want to hold their attention, the Hape Red Flame Guitar can't be beaten.

  • Suitable for children 3 years and over.

  • Aids development of fine motor skills, personal expression and creativity.

  • Approx. 26 inches tall.

  • Brightly coloured and sturdily built.

  • Fully compliant with international safety and quality standards.

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3 years+



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