Hape Rotating Music Box

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The Hape Rotating Music Box is the perfect toy to introduce your little one to the magic of soothing music. Watch as they enjoy the relaxing melodies whilst being stimulated by the changing colours – a truly enchanting experience for playtime! The music box is suitable for children from birth, making it the perfect addition to your little one's nursery.

To start the Hape Rotating Music Box, simply twist the base. Activating this will start the soft tunes playing as the music box rotates and keeps your baby entertained. This toy features a number of different musical symbols and notes that will change colour and keep small children engaged as the music box turns.

Not only can you use this music box standing up, but you can introduce new ways to play by setting the Rotating Music Box onto its side for your baby to crawl after as it rolls away. The combination of bright colours and soothing music will encourage your child to crawl and chase after it, which in turn encourages the development of your baby's gross motors skills.

Hape has designed this toy using a variety of bright colours and natural wood textures. All materials used are completely non-toxic, made to the highest quality so that your child will be safe.

  • Soothing music helps to soothe babies.

  • Suitable for children from birth – the perfect nursery companion.

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