Hape Street Surfer Kick Scooter

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Cruise the streets and learn at the same time with the Hape Street Surfer Kick Scooter. Whether they've got a need for speed or like to take things slow, it's the perfect gift for any child.

Featuring a skateboard-style deck, extra-wide wheel base and child-friendly materials, the Street Surfer is perfect for kids who are still developing their mobility. Plus, it aids the development of speed and balance skills in an exciting, dynamic way. Thoughtfully designed with special attention to quality control, the Street Surfer is fully suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Come rain or shine, nothing stops the Street Surfer - and, complete with a telescopic handle, it can keep going with your child for years to come.

Compliant with international safety and quality guidelines, the Hape Street Surfer is also environmentally friendly and built with a commitment to sustainability. Whether they're zooming around the park, accompanying you to the store, or just running circles in the living room, this is one kick scooter that's sure to keep your child smiling no matter the setting.

  • Innovative design allows for safe riding both indoors and outdoors.

  • Sturdy wood and metal build.

  • Aids the development of motor skills, balance and mobility.

  • Encourages exploration and self-confidence.

  • Suitable for ages 3+

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3 years+



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