Hape Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile

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Changing your baby or soothing her to sleep need not be a frantic time with the Hape Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile!

Constructed to a high quality to conform with international safety standards, the Hape Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile is not only a delightful addition to your nursery but is sure to soothe your baby to sleep or provide entertainment as they are changed. The three colourful bugs are certain to captivate your baby as they gently spin round, while the accompanying lullaby will create a perfect sense of calm and relaxation. Stimulating your baby’s senses is an important part of their educational development, so why not start that journey now with this charming toy that’s the perfect accessory for changing and sleep time?

The Hape Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile, which is equally suited to girls and boys, would be a perfect gift for parents and with universal fitting, will securely attach to most cots or changing tables.

  • Suitable for all babies from birth.

  • Universal fitting to attach securely to changing table or cot.

  • Attractive and colourful bugs to grab your baby’s attention.

  • Soothes your baby with a gentle nursery rhyme.

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