Hape Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy

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Get ready for lots of fun swimming with the Hape swimmer teddy wind-up toy! Swimmer teddy brings entertainment to your child when bathing or swimming. Simply wind up swimmer teddy and place him in the water then watch him swim around and around, making bathtime splashing even more fun! Children can race teddy in the tub or pool and see who wins the race. They can also play with several swimmer teddies and watch to see who reaches the finish line first.

The Hape swimmer teddy is beautifully designed, painted in lively red and white striped swimsuit and a blue swim ring around his tummy. This adorable little design is sure to grab the attention of children, helping them to embrace swimming and engage in interactive water play. Both of these are important for physical health.

  • Made out of lightweight material for floating purposes.

  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and up.

  • Keeps young children distracted during bathtime to make bathing more fun and easier.

  • Child-safe, long-lasting paint finish.

  • Manufactured with a commitment to sustainability, the Hape swimmer teddy is also compliant with international quality and safety standards.

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1 year+



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