Harry Potter Doll - Albus Dumbledore

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The legendary headmaster of Hogwarts is brought back to life with the Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore doll styled after the character in film franchise. The doll is an accurate depiction of the character from the famous movie franchise, donning his sophisticated gold, red and purple robes with a matching hat. The figure also comes complete holding his famous Elder Wand made from Thestral tail and elderwood.

The figure has eleven joints in total including in its wrists, neck and shoulders meaning that the doll itself is completely poseable. This offers up a whole host of ways you can make him move, recreating your favourite scenes from the movies or even engaging in imaginative play with new Hogwarts adventures of your own.

Dumbledore is crucial in the quest to destroy the Dark Lord Voldemort and is a must have for any collector or fan of the films. The doll wears his iconic cloak as featured in the film and also comes with his signature glasses and cap too.

  • Perfect addition to any Harry Potter figurine collection.

  • Doll is completely poseable with 11 different joints, perfect for play or display.

  • Features Dumbledore’s famous beard, glasses and hat and includes his personalised Elder Wand from the films.

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