Harry Potter Doll - Hermione Granger

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Capture all the magic of Hogwarts with the Harry Potter Hermione Granger doll. Authentically styled after the iconic character, the figure will make the perfect gift for both children and collectors. The doll itself has 11 points of articulation so it’s ideal to be used for playtime or as a display figure. Hermione’s legs, arms and heads are all completely poseable meaning that you can act out your favourite scenes from the movies or make up brand new adventures in Harry’s Wizarding World. Children will love using their imagination to think up their own new Hogwarts stories.

The figure itself is highly detailed and features long hair that is rooted and wears her iconic Gryffindor uniform in red and gold colours. This doll even carries Hermione’s signature wand which features her iconic vine design, exactly the same as the dragon heartstring wand she uses in the movie franchise.

  • Wears signature Gryffindor uniform with Hermione’s iconic wand design.

  • Specially detailed to make the doll look exactly like the Hermione character from the films.

  • The doll is completely posable and allows for storytelling and imaginative play.

  • Order other dolls in the range to bring the Harry Potter characters together and have even more fun.

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6 years+



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