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Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World wouldn’t be complete without their magic spells. And where does that magic come from? Their wands, of course! No Harry Potter costume could ever be considered magical with Harry’s iconic wand, modelled after the one made famous in the hit movie franchise. Couple your Harry Potter costume with the Harry Potter wand, adding in the perfect final touch and leaving you ready to take on the Dark Lord himself – Voldemort.

This is the must-have magical accessory for any fan of Harry Potter. Your child can be exactly like the famous young wizard, Harry Potter, with the officially licensed wand made available from Warner Brothers Entertainment. It’s time to defeat Lord Voldemort and show him what you’re made of. The perfect accessory for any World Book Day costume, no character from Harry Potter would be complete without the most magical item of all.

  • Modelled after the wand used by Harry Potter in the movie franchise.

  • Suitable for children aged three years and older.

  • Official merchandise of Harry Potter from Warner Brothers Entertainment.

  • Pair with the Harry Potter robes and scarf for the complete look.

  • Perfect for fancy dress or as a World Book Day accessory.

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