Hey Duggee Figurine Set

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Bring the fun and colour of the animated television show ‘Hey Duggee’ into playtime with these adorable figurines.

Children’s favourite ‘Hey Duggee’, which airs on CBeebies, is the story of an after-school club. The children who attend are affectionately dubbed ‘the squirrels’ and their scoutmaster Duggee is a loveable dog with badges for every conceivable activity!

Little hands will love holding the characters as they take Duggee and the Squirrels on a world of adventure through imaginative play.

As they play with Duggee and his group including Betty, Roly, Happy, Norrie and Tag, your child will develop and improve on a range of skills including fine motor, imagination, memory and more!

Also, Duggee’s figurine has a head that moves from side to side. A’WOOF!

Spend time with your little one acting out their favourite scenes. Why not create the badges earned by the Squirrels from Duggee as they work through their activities? From the space badge to the stick badge, there’s plenty of interactive play opportunity – and of course, put on your best Alexander Armstrong impression! (the narrator of the show).

  • Based on Duggee and his Squirrel Club friends from the hit CBeebies show, Hey Duggee!

  • A'WOOF...this adorable Hey Duggee Figurine Set includes Hey Duggee and his friends, Tag, Roly, Happy, Norrie and Betty!

  • Duggee and his Squirrel friends figurines stand unaided and have a beautiful matt finish

  • Twist Duggee's head to move it from side to side!

  • Size of figurines range from 5.5cm - 10cm.

  • Suitable from 3 years and up.

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