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Now, your little one can have their very own Duggee Hug with this talking Talking Duggee soft toy.

This snuggly plush is based on the CBeebies TV show, Hey Duggee, which follows the adventures of the animal members of the Squirrel Club under the guidance of their leader, Duggee the dog.

Bring the leader of the Squirrel Club into your home, as a perfect toy box addition for toddlers and preschoolers. Duggee makes 6 different sounds, and is approximately 23cm tall. With his soft fur and floppy ears, he's a cuddly character that younger children will absolutely love.

Pat the top of Duggee's head to hear him say 'A-WOOF!', using his recognisable catchphrase from the show. The Woof Woof Duggee soft toy also plays a theme tune clip, as well as other sounds and phrases that are easily recognisable, when you press one of Duggee's shaped badges. Encourage young children to identify their shapes on Duggee's front, or simply enjoy watching them dance when they recognise their favourite song.

  • Based on Hey Duggee, the popular CBeebies TV show.

  • Plays sounds and music from the show.

  • Encourages preschoolers to identify shapes and colours.

  • Soft plush toy, approximately 23cm tall.

  • Suitable from 10 months old.

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