Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loops Box

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Children and big kids alike will be able to build an amazing Hot Wheels Track with this great box that is filled with a variety of track pieces and other parts.

The possibilities are endless with 3 metres of track plus connectors, a launcher, a Hot Wheels vehicle and a fantastic stunt box. Kids can experiment and create a variety of loops and track layouts with this great selection. The lid and the box are also designed to be integrated into the child's play. There are 8 places to connect the track to on to the lid and 2 'scoring buckets' on the bottom of the tub! All the pieces have multiple uses so there are loads of different setups that you can create.

Compatible with other sets, you can extend your track as far as your imagination and creativity will let you. Try out different layouts to create cool stunts and epic tracks.

  • Provides storage and stunts, as the box is part of the play.

  • Loads of layout variations so kids can problem solve and experiment.

  • Crazy loop action which connects to the lid in 8 places.

  • 2 scoring buckets built-in, plus a place to connect the track and additional sets.

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5 years+



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