Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box

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Hot Wheels cars and track sets have been a popular toy for many years now. When you see the fun and sheer excitement they bring to kids, it is easy to see why! This Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box is no exception and will give any car-loving child hours of enjoyment. This set comes with over 35 customisable pieces from a car launcher to 2 curved track pieces, 6 orange tracks and more. There is even a cool Hot Wheels vehicle included so they can get racing right away.

This epic set is ideal for helping to inspire their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. They will love being able to fit the track together in endless variations and set-up some awesome stunts to pull off as a result. Setting up different stunts will also encourage them to think outside of the box by using items around your home to help, such as books. When the adventure is over for the day, all the pieces store neatly away in the box to keep your home tidy.

  • Awesome official Hot Wheels stunt track set.

  • Comes with Hot Wheels vehicle and over 35 pieces.

  • Perfect set for helping kids develop their creativity and imagination.

  • Track can be set up in endless variations to pull off new stunts each time.

  • Storage box makes it easy to put away after use and portable.

  • Connects to other suitable Hot Wheels sets for extended play.

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5 years+



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