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Oh no! Bat's cherries keep going missing. But who took them?

Meet Bat. Bat does NOT like mornings - but they do like cherries. Unfortunately for Bat, so do a lot of their friends. Lions, ants, frogs and more keep finding ways to snatch Bat's beloved fruit away while they aren't looking. Step into the quirky, colourful, and imaginative world of I Am Bat to help track down the cherry thieves - but don't be surprised if you end up becoming a suspect too!

With bright, timeless mid-century styled illustrations, I Am Bat is a whimsical bedtime story that will delight readers, with an interactive storytelling style that gives children the opportunity to engage with the book on many different levels. Suitable for ages three and up, children and caregivers alike are sure to fall in love with the adorably grumpy protagonist (do NOT take Bat's fruit!) - and possibly recognise a little bit of themselves (or their children...) in Bat's fickle moods!

Morag Hood is the author and illustrator of other books including Brenda is a Sheep, When Grandad Was a Penguin, and the Sophie Johnson series. I Am Bat is perfect for fans of her work, as well as Superbat and Oi Frog!

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