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Gotham City is a safe place when Batman is on hand to protect it and the city's villains are locked away in Arkham Asylum. But what would happen if the jail doors were to burst open and the villains were to escape? This awesome toy from Imaginext allows your child to play with real creativity and help Batman capture them all again.

A Power Pad on top of the playset turns to reveal a hidden disc launcher behind the Bat Signal. This lets your little one fire discs at the escaping criminals and help stop their escape. With a Batman figure included, this is a great set for kids who love superhero play and pretending to be their favourite characters. The set itself is a bright, fun colour and durable to give many hours of enjoyable playtime. This toy will have your child doing all they can to help Batman get the Asylum back under control once more.

  • Awesome Batman-themed toy for superhero fans.

  • Robust and durable design.

  • Hidden disc launcher and projectiles included.

  • Batman figure included.

  • Asylum doors open with turn of Power Pad.

  • Superb toy for developing their imagination and storytelling.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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3 years+



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