Imaginext Batman vs Superman Hall of Justice

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Imaginext playsets always deliver plenty of fun and excitement - this superhero-themed set is no exception. Best of all, your little one gets two iconic heroes for the price of one as Batman and Superman figures are included. The set itself is based on the HQ of the famous Justice League Hall of Justice. This makes it ideal for any children into this comic book franchise and will really spark their creativity. Coming up with missions to set off on from the Hall of Justice or defending it from evil villains is sure to keep your kids busy for hours.

The set itself has many cool features such as hidden projectile launchers that are revealed with a turn of the Power Pad. Once Batman and Superman have saved the day, there is a jail inside for the bad guys to be thrown into. Also included in the playset is a computer console and superhero meeting area for added fun. With this toy, every day will see their imagination fired up with new superhero stories and adventures.

  • Justice League themed playset.

  • Batman and Superman figures included.

  • Hidden projectile launchers to zap bad guys with.

  • Throw super villains into included jail.

  • Set also includes computer console and team meeting area inside.

  • Perfect toy for sparking their imagination and creativity.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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3 years+



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