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There's no denying it: the Batmobile is the most striking superhero vehicle to ever take to the streets. Now your child can feel like the coolest kid in town wheeling this Batmobile toy around!

Like the actual car, this miniature version by Imaginext is packed with gadgets to help the caped crusader fight crime. Spread the wings out at the back of the vehicle to reveal the famous 'bat symbol'. There's a dart launcher and a power pad that controls and fires cannons and the Batmobile comes with a tiny figure of Batman himself, who fits perfectly inside the cockpit.

This colourful plastic Batmobile is the perfect toy for any superhero fanatic! Your child can let their imagination run wild as they immerse themselves in their own version of Gotham City. They'll have hours of fun exploring the different ways that Batman can use his famous car to defeat his most notorious enemies. He could be locked in an intense missile fight with the Penguin, or be pursuing the Joker in a high-speed car chase - the possibilities really are endless!

  • Suitable for children three years and over.

  • Product dimensions 30.5cm x 10.2cm x 21.6cm.

  • Comes with accessories including a miniature Batman figure and three projectiles.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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3 years+



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