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The last son of Krypton, the fastest man alive, a time-travelling supervillain, and a mad scientist's clone of the world's greatest hero - just some of the figures included in Imaginext's DC Super Friends Heroes and Villains range.

With large, expressive faces and poseable limbs, these durable hero and villain action figure pairs promise hours of excitement and adventure for kids. Each pack includes two heroes and two villains for varied play - high action as these super powerful characters clash, and social imagination as the heroes work together and the villains scheme.

Packs vary, with a random assortment of four heroes for maximum collectability. Packs also contain accessories, such as a chunk of Superman's power-negating Kryptonite or his faithful super-pooch Krypto. Kids can play with all their favourite DC superhero characters.

Imaginext sets are scaled to a consistent size, so it's always possible to add new characters and locations to your collection. Imaginext figures of this size have articulated shoulders, waists and necks, for a range of poses and energetic play.

  • Iconic figures like the Flash, Superman, and even Krypto the super dog!

  • Imaginext toys are scaled to provide an exciting range of movement to young imagineers.

  • Act out momentous scenes from comics, TV, and movies.

  • Styles vary, you will get a random assortment of 4 heros or villians with each order.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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