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Superhero characters have always been cool and something that kids love to play with. Batman is perhaps the most awesome comic book hero around and this Transforming Batcave set from Imaginext shows why! You will love exploring this set with your child and helping them defend it from the bad guys of Gotham City. Not only does it look just like the real thing but this is a toy with lots of fantastic features built in. One turn of the Power Pad transforms the Batcave and sees the Batcomputer and platforms come to life along with light-up eyes.

Turning another Power Pad opens up the Batcave's garage so Batman can whizz off to save the day. There is also a play chest included in this set which opens by turning another Power Pad to reveal Batman's armour inside. With a jail, projectile launcher and elevator also included, this is a playset that will give endless hours of enjoyment to children. One thing is for sure - Batman will surely triumph over old foes like The Joker with this set's help and some added assistance from your very own little superhero.

  • Superbly designed and realistic Batcave themed playset.

  • Packed full of features like light-up eyes, garage, jail, projectile launcher and more.

  • Ideal toy for helping to spark little one's creativity.

  • Perfect set for any children into Batman or superhero play.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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3 years+



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