In The Night Garden Sleepy-time Igglepiggle

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Send your little one off to the land of nod with the calming and relaxing In The Night Garden Sleepy-time Igglepiggle.

Igglepiggle, complete with his iconic cosy red blanket ensuring instant recognition, is the perfect bedtime buddy for children. He's been designed to gently send them to sleep and provide an ideal cuddle companion thanks to his soft fabric, making him extremely huggable.

Simply give Igglepiggle’s hand a squeeze and he’ll sing one of five lullabies to help soothe even the most restless of sleepers. As he sings, Igglepiggle’s head gently sways from side to side, while his cheeks give off a soft glow - perfect for little ones who don’t like the dark.

The character from hit children's television show, In The Night Garden, is sure to be equally loved during the day too and is a great companion for car journeys, shopping trips or even simply for playtime at home. They won't be able to let go of him!

  • Children’s sleep aid toy.

  • Sings five different lullabies to send your little one to sleep.

  • Igglepiggle’s cheeks softly glow.

  • Gentle head swaying motion.

  • Comes complete with Igglepiggle’s iconic red blanket.

  • Recommended for children aged 10 months and up.

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1 year+


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