In The Night Garden Snuggly Singing Igglepiggle

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Who better to sing your child a bedtime lullaby than everyone’s favourite Night Garden pal?

Based on the beloved blue character from the hit children's TV show, In the Night Garden, Snuggly Singing Igglepiggle is sure to become your little one's most beloved bedtime companion.

This super cuddly Igglepiggle has all same adorable features that you'll find on his on-screen counterpart - from his big round eyes to his little tuft of red hair. He's even holding his signature red blanket!

By gently squeezing Igglepiggle's tummy, you'll be able to listen to his signature song from the show. As your child gets older, they can even start singing along! But if they get tired of singing and just want some cuddle time, you can simply press Igglepiggle's tummy again and the music will stop.

With Snuggly Singing Igglepiggle by their side, your little one can imagine they are on board the little boat, slowly drifting towards the Garden in the Night.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 0 to 5 years.

  • Made from super soft fabric.

  • Snuggly Singing Igglepiggle stands at 29cm tall.

  • A perfect toy for encouraging babies and toddlers to start engaging in imaginative play.

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1 month+


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