Janod Baby Pop Push Along Bear

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The Janod Baby Pop Push Along Bear is a very popular toy for babies to help with their standing and walking. How could you resist this cute little push along bear? Playing with the bear can help your little one not only develop their walking skills but also their motor skills as well. The brightly painted design of the toy sparks imaginative play in children. The Pop Push Along Bear has a sturdy and strong design that means it can be played with indoors and outdoors. It's only a matter of time before this bear becomes your child’s favourite toy!

The materials used in this toy combine softness and strength that will help to encourage and stimulate learning in your baby. Fine and gross motor skills can all be improved by playing with the Janod Baby Pop Push Along Bear. Because it’s easy to use, this toy is perfect for babies who can push the bear down and watch it speed away. 

  • Encourages imaginative play and development of motor skills.

  • Toy is made from a strong beech wood while the wheels are made from silicon, mounted on a metal axis.

  • All materials used are FSC certified.

  • All stains and paints used are non-toxic and water based so are safe for young children and babies.

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