Janod Caramel Rocking Horse

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The beautiful Janod Caramel Rocking Horse makes the perfect first rocking horse for your little one. Crafted from robust wood with non-toxic paint, the horse is supplied with a safety hoop which can be removed as your child grows to create a standard rocking horse. For additional peace of mind, the rocking horse also has an anti-tip system and rubber bumpers on each end, helping to protect both the rider and your flooring on even the wildest of rides!

Toys like rocking horses provide a fun way for your little ones to develop their balance and coordination. As their confidence grows and their balance improves, children learn about different postures and how to use their leg and core muscles to create the back and forward movement, helping to teach coordination between the hands, arms and feet. Children will also love playing make-believe games on their horse, and while they are imagining themselves winning a race, riding at a rodeo, or trotting through the countryside on their four-legged friend, they will be developing their creativity, thinking and emotional skills. 

  • Suitable for age 12-months plus.

  • Birch plywood construction.

  • Removable safety hoop.

  • Non-toxic colours.

  • Size: 79cm Height x 31cm Depth. Seat height 30.5cm.

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1 year+



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