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Grab your friends and get ready to play croquet with the Forest Animal Croquet set from Janod. This fun children's set is an easy to play version of the classic lawn game. Who will be the first to get their ball through each of the six animal hoops? Watch as your children work on the development of their coordination, patience and social skills as they're having fun. This toy box essential is excellent for practising sharing and swapping, as well as supporting counting and creativity. The set is great for imaginative play too as each forest animal becomes a character in your child's game.

The Forest Animal Croquet set features six animal hoops and includes a rabbit, deer, fox, wild boar, hedgehog and bear. Each hoop is numbered 1-6. Also included in the set are two pairs of wooden balls and mallets. Being made from wood, the croquet set is durable and perfect for playing outdoors. The hoops are also ideal for playing indoors as each animal slots into a supporting piece. It is recommended that this game is suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years old.

  • Set includes 6 hoops, 2 mallets and 2 balls

  • Ideal for encouraging outdoor play

  • Perfect for children aged 3-6 years

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3 years+



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