Janod Kubix 40 Letter and Number Blocks

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Spark your child's imagination and creativity with these bright, fun letter and number blocks. The Janod Kubix Letter and Number Blocks set includes 40 blocks with the alphabet and numbers 0-10, as well as a colourful, durable play mat. Made from quality beech wood and water-based, non-toxic paints, the blocks can be used to build towers, spell words and practice maths. The possibilities are endless! After playtime is over, it's easy to tidy up the blocks and put them away for later. The 2-in-1 play mat easily folds up to create a carrying case cube that holds all of the blocks. The carrying case is also easy to transport, for play on-the-go.

Known for its high quality, timeless developmental children's toys, Janod is a favourite brand of babies, toddlers and parents alike. The Janod Kubix blocks are an updated and re-imagined version of classic letter and number blocks. For younger babies, the blocks support construction, fine motor skill development and cause-and-effect, when they stack the blocks up and knock them down again. For toddlers, they're a great way to introduce the alphabet and numbers, and older children can use them to practice spelling and develop numeracy skills.

  • Ages 2 and up

  • 40 wooden blocks and 2-in-1 play mat carrying case

  • Dimensions of carrying cube: 20 x 20 x 20 cm

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2 years+



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