Janod Kubix 40 Wooden Blocks

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Let your child’s imagination run wild with the Janod Kubix 40 Wooden Blocks made from Chinese cherry wood. Encouraging open-ended play, the possibilities are endless as your child explores the variety of shapes and colours.

Janod have been creating traditional toys for nearly 50 years, meaning the Janod range is crafted with experience and quality at its heart.

Complete with a decorative 2-in-1 play mat which is 60x60cm, the mat folds out to create a large colourful area on which your child can build and knock down their wooden creations. When finished, the mat folds neatly to encase all of the blocks, keeping them all together and easily transportable.

Wooden toys have a multitude of benefits; environmentally friendly, resilient, conducive to construction and interactive play, these are just a few reasons to incorporate them into your child’s daily play.

Your child will love exploring architecture as they build a fantasy world from blocks, painted with vibrant colours using water-based paint.

Little ones will love the Janod Kubix Wooden Blocks. 

  • Suitable for children aged two and above

  • Includes play mat which turns into carrier

  • 40 blocks included in a variety of shapes and colours

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2 years+



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