Janod Lace-Up Tree

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The Janod lace-up tree is a fun and stimulating wooden toy that’s guaranteed to have kids engaged and intrigued. Aimed at children aged three and upwards, both boys and girls alike will enjoy decorating the tree with its 12 different animals and decorations. First, they simply need to try to work out where each of the pieces live using the handy dashed lines on the tree. Once they’ve discovered the perfect spot, children can simply use one of the six 45cm-long laces to attach each piece to the tree – perfect for little fingers to thread and ‘sew’.

Once completed, the eye-catching tree can be displayed on its natural wood base, or untied and played with again and again.

A brilliant way for developing important life skills including fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, the lace-up tree also helps promote creativity, dexterity and concentration for those often busy little minds.

This brightly coloured toy features beautifully illustrated animals including an owl, bird, squirrel, fox and a butterfly, along with clouds, the sun, leaves and an acorn. Made from wood, its green credentials also make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Brightly coloured and fun toy.

  • Suitable for age 3+.

  • Promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Features 12 animals and decorations.

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3 years+



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