Janod Mint Scooter Balance Bike

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Get ready for your little one to ride in style with the retro Mint Scooter Balance Bike from Janod. Balance bikes have become the must-have item and are great for getting children ready for their first bicycles. This balance bike doesn’t have pedals as is usual for the toy, so your child can focus only on getting their balance right. Taking everything at their own pace, the Mint Scooter Balance Bike can help children build their confidence from walking with the bike to actually getting on and riding it.

The brilliant thing about the Scooter Balance Bike is that when it comes time to get your child their first bike, you can skip the training wheels stage entirely. Children can quickly master their balance skill using the Janod Scooter. The bike combines a retro design similar to the classic Vespa combined with a more modern style. It is made of a sturdy wood so it will be durable for outdoor use.

Both tyres on this item are inflatable and the seat can also be adjusted from 32cm to 36.5cm. Along with the super comfortable seat and ergonomic handles, children will love taking their first steps towards learning how to ride a bike. 

  • Mint coloured scooter themed balance bike.

  • Inflatable tyres. Ergonomic handles in rubber

  • Adjustable seat (from 32 to 36.5 cm / 12.6 to 14.4 in)

  • Suitable for children aged 36 months and older.

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3 years+



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