Janod Rabbit & Co Looping Puzzle

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This lovely wooden toy is every bit as fun as it looks! Your little one will be mesmerized by the colourful mountain and grass setting, loops, vegetables and cute animals that comprise the Janod Rabbit & Co. Looping Puzzle.

This fun yet educational toy aids development as your child enjoys the two-in-one-game. The three loops will keep him or her absorbed with amazement as the beads shaped like an owl, rabbit, cloud and turtle are threaded over them and through the holes in the mountain. This does wonders for your child’s dexterity and concentration!

The game also acts as a shape sorter, with the inclusion of two wooden carrots and a cut tomato. Your little one can simply ‘plant’ the carrots in the matching holes in the grass and ‘pick’ them again while learning to fit the stackable tomato together.

  • Two-in-one game

  • It enhances your child’s level of concentration and increases dexterity

  • Helps your child recognise shapes and manipulate objects

  • Includes three loops threaded with owl, turtle, rabbit and cloud beads, a mountain and grass setting with cut-outs, two carrots and a tomato cut in two halves

  • Wipeable and easy-to-clean, so it is particularly resilient

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1 year+



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