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Ring, ring! It's for you, baby! The Janod Sound Telephone gives your baby their very first smartphone, with buttons to press that make realistic sounds. Press the soft plastic keys, including e-mail, alarm, ring, camera, settings, messaging, and a home key. Protective silicone case makes the phone easy to grip and makes it hard-wearing, in case of any drops or bumps. The sturdy beech wood toy stands up to the toughest play time, with no risk of a cracked screen. It's a smartphone you can let your baby play with, free from any anxieties about damage!

Designed in France, Janod toys are known for their high quality and creative re-imagining of timeless childhood favourites. They believe in giving classic wooden toys a modern twist, so they can be entertaining as well as educational for your child. The Janod Sound Telephone helps your child develop their imagination, speech and fine motor skills. They can be creative as they pretend to call grandparents and far-away friends, and have make-believe conversations with them! Pressing the buttons and making the sounds will teach your child about cause-and-effect, and help to develop their fine motor skills. It's stimulating and engaging without being overwhelming, and still leaves plenty of room for your child's imagination to run wild!

  • Age 18 months and up

  • Baby's first smartphone

  • Materials: Beech wood and silicone

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 12 cm

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18 months+



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