Janod Wooden Gears Duck Pond

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If you're looking for an educational toy that will entertain your little one while helping their development, the Janod Wooden Gear Duck Pond is an excellent choice. This timeless wooden toy has six gears that can be placed on the board and turned to make the ducks "swim" around their pond. Kids will love seeing the ducks move and enjoy turning the gears to make the ducks' bells ring. The Janod Wooden Gear Duck Pond helps hone children's memory skills and develop their fine motor skills, making playtime educational as well as fun. The cheerful colour scheme will brighten up any playroom, and the interactive nature of the toy means that it is a great option for solo or guided play.

Aimed at children from eighteen months to three years, the Janod Wooden Gear Duck Pond helps children develop their dexterity as they learn how to place and move the gears. The bright colours will grab their attention, and the cute ducks are appealing characters to play with. This toy is made of wood - great for families who want to reduce their plastic use - and has non-slip support that will keep it steady even during the most enthusiastic play session!

  • Suitable for ages 18 months to three years.

  • Wooden toy made from beech and plywood, with non-slip support base.

  • Multi-sensory toy with moving duck figures and bell.

  • Measures 22.3cm x 22.3cm x 7.1cm.

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18 months+



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