Jurassic World Plush - T-Rex

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This T-Rex makes an amazing addition to the toy box of young fans of the iconic Jurassic World film.

Adventures await dinosaur-lovers as this soft tyrannosaurus rex encourages children to play creatively and re-enact their favourite scenes from the Jurassic World movie.

At an impressive 14” high, with green scaly-feel fur, this T-Rex might appear fearsome, but unlike his Jurassic World counterpart, he is a big softy and totally roar-some!

T-Rex liked to run amok in the Jurassic World film, but this plush prehistoric pal is a huggable companion who can guide your child’s imagination to explore the land of dinosaurs and create new adventures for the T-Rex to partake in.

He is a super-cuddly toy, who makes an ideal gift for children who have a passion for prehistoric animals and want a furry friend who’s ready for action. Once the dinosaur adventures are over, he is the ideal toy to snuggle up with and enjoy some quiet time and cuddles.

  • T-Rex will be a loyal friend for any small child with a big imagination.

  • Encourages creativity and development through role-playing.

  • Jurassic World's T-Rex is a childhood pal for toddlers and young children to nurture and care for.

  • A must-have for junior dinosaur devotees.

  • Warning: Keep away from naked flame or direct heat sources.

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3 years+


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