Jurassic World Thrash & Throw T-Rex Figure

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For any young children aged 4 plus who like fun dinosaur play, this is the perfect toy. It is ideal for helping to stimulate their imagination and creativity when playing. From the popular Jurassic World movie of the same name, this impressive figure is in the style of the T-Rex character from the original Jurassic Park film. One thing is for sure - you will both love playing with this and coming up with some thrilling adventures together.

This figure looks totally authentic due to its design and decoration. There are also cool sound FX like roaring, stomping and chomping to make things even more realistic. As with all hungry dinosaurs, this figure has a big bite on him when it's time to eat! Simply use the tail-mounted activation to open his mouth before chomping down on other action figures to throw around the room. Ideal for young children who want to recreate the most memorable scenes from the movie, this will give endless hours of enjoyment and help develop their imagination.

  • Authentic looking T-Rex figure from Jurassic World movie.

  • Cool sound FX included such as awesome roar and fearsome stomping.

  • Open T-Rex's mouth to bite down on other action figures.

  • Perfect toy for helping stimulate their creativity when playing

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4 years+



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