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For fans of the DC universe, this brand new 12” Joker action figure from the Justice League has a unique look and a sleek sense of style. Based on the animated series, the Joker’s features have been enhanced with a refreshed facial design and enhanced power suit to match the iconic villain. The action figure also has the Joker’s famous green hair plus has added articulation to the knees for better movability. Fans will enjoy recreating epic battles or displaying the Joker as a collector's piece. There are a full array of characters available in the range including Batman and Superman.

Use the Joker action figure to recreate your favourite combat scenes from the King of Clowns. Everyone’s favourite DC Super-Villain stands at 12” tall and is ready to take on even the most powerful of heroes.

The figure has nine different points of articulation that allows for better imaginative action figure play. The entire assortment of characters can be brought together to wage the colossal war for Gotham City. Each character is sold separately and is subject to availability.

  • Joker stands at 12” tall and is perfect for both collectors and fans of the DC villain.

  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

  • Only for use when supervised by an adult.

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3 years+



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