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It’s time to fight crime and get those bad guys with the help of the Superman Justice League Action Figure. Anyone who follows the DC universe and all of Superman’s adventures will be sure to love this detailed figurine which is a replica of the character featured in the Justice League television show. Standing at 12” tall, this figurine is ideal for imaginative play and for display purposes as well. Enjoy Superman and all of his astounding Kryptonian superpowers as you recreate your favourite scenes from the Justice League show.

Superman Action Figure has 11 points of articulation meaning you can make him move or pose him in a number of different heroic stances which helps in recreating your favourite DC adventures. Help the Justice League beat the bad guys with Superman and other characters available in the range. The action figure has been upgraded to fully capture Superman’s strength and power with fine attention to detail.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

  • Popular Superman action figure from the infamous Justice League, created by DC Comics.

  • Design is fully upgraded to produce a 12” scale replica of Superman from the television show and films.

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