Justice League Batman Voice Changing Helmet

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One of the most popular superheroes with all children is surely Batman. If your little one loves pretending to be him and catching the bad guys, then this voice-changing helmet is a great gift. They will love using their imagination to dream up stories and new villains to catch in Gotham City. The helmet comes loaded with cool features which really bring this iconic DC character to life. A pivoting tactical visor powers the edge light and kicks out awesome sound effects when flipped down, for example.

Of course, the real draw with this toy is the way it makes your child sound just like Batman when they wear it. This is something that all Batman-obsessed kids will enjoy. One press of a button on the included goggles drops them down and makes the voice changer active. This then allows your child to call out to other members of the Justice League for help! Also included are alternate sound FX and modes of play. This is one seriously cool toy to spark their creativity when playing and make them feel just like Batman.

  • Voice changing feature makes them sound just like Batman.

  • Pivoting tactical visor with cool sound FX.

  • Alternate play modes and sound FX included.

  • Ideal toy for stimulating creative play and their imagination.

  • Helmet makes them look just like Batman when worn.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 4 years old

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4 years+



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