Justice League Mega Cannon Batmobile

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Jump into a world of fast paced fun with this sleek, updated and armoured Justice League Mega Cannon Batmobile. Straight from the big screen in the new Justice League movie, Batman joins other iconic DC Super Heroes as a team to confront new bad guys and defeat evil once and for all. The vehicle itself is completely kitted out with advanced technological features and legendary weaponry made especially to disarm DC villains that run amok in Gotham City’s streets.

The Mega Cannon Batmobile has been made to fit a 6-inch action figure in the front. Choose from Batman or a range of other Justice League characters then get ready to drive off and race to the crime scene. The front of the Batmobile features mounted weapons that fire out spring loaded projectiles after a big surprise reveal. The ominous weapons can shoot bad guys at long distances. You can also attach any of the accessories that came with the basic DC Super Heroes figures to add extra armour to the vehicle.

Crush bad guys underfoot with the hugely powerful wheels and super speed of the Batmobile. All figures and accessories are each sold separately and are subject to availability.

  • Based on the vehicle featured in the Justice League movie.

  • Not suitable for children under the age of 4 years old.

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4 years+



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