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Children can create a whole world of possibilities with the brilliant Kapla building blocks.

The blocks are simply placed one on top of the other to create whatever you wish, with no need for glue, screws, nails or clips to aid construction.

Kapla planks are all identical in size, meaning construction can be kept simple or as advanced as the imagination will allow.

Children can build a castle, knock it down and construct a pirate ship, or even recreate a scene from their favourite TV programme or film. The possibilities are endless!

This set of 100 pine blocks comes in black and white, opening up an even greater range of options for creative play and design.

Kapla blocks are brilliant for allowing children’s imaginations to develop, giving them opportunities to solve problems and come up with wild designs. The blocks also help hand-eye coordination and provide hours of fun, whether alone or in a group.

  • Recommended for children aged 3+

  • Made of pine wood.

  • 100 black and white pieces in the set.

  • A fantastic tool for stimulating creative and imaginative play.

  • Develops hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

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3 years+



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