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Imaginative little ones can have hours of fun with the Kapla 200 box as they explore the exciting world of building and architecture. These innovative building blocks unlock limitless possibilities, and are uniquely sized so that kids can create any structure their imagination dreams up. With Kapla planks it’s so easy for kids to bring their dream home, castle, or city to life. No glue, screws, or clips are required to hold the blocks in place, so this fantastic wooden toy can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere. This natural game simply relies on balance and gravity to make your child’s ideas a reality.

Kapla planks inspire kids to get creative and give them endless opportunities to experiment. An ideal toy for open-ended play, it develops both creative and logical thinking skills but also encourages their dexterity and concentration. This set includes 200 Kapla planks in a storage box, along with a guide to basic construction techniques to get kids started.

  • Suitable for age three years plus.

  • Award-winning toy made from natural pine wood.

  • Helps children to develop dexterity.

  • Fantastic for open-ended and creative play.

  • Set comprises 200 Kapla planks and an instruction booklet.

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3 years+



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