Kapla Art Book Number 2

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The second volume of the Kapla art books is aimed at young builders aged 8+.

Kapla planks present a world of endless creative possibilities for children to explore, sparking their imagination and promoting problem solving. With no additional materials needed, children can build away to their heart’s content.

This beautifully presented art book gives youngsters a range of ideas for structures they can try to recreate at home. They can even take the designs in the book and add their own twist if they are feeling especially creative and wanting to put their own stamp on a project. The book features fantastic hand-sketched technical drawings, giving great detail to help reproduce the structures perfectly.

There are four Kapla art books in the series, suitable for different ages and levels of Kapla experience, and this particular version is perfect for those with some existing know-how but who want to be challenged further.

  • Recommended for children aged 8+ with some experience of Kapla building.

  • Ideal for helping stimulate ideas and challenging young builders.

  • Hand-sketched, technical drawings, full of detail to help recreate the structures perfectly.

  • Part of a series of four Kapla art books, aimed at different ages and levels.

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8 years+



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