Kapla Art Book Number 4

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With this great book, kids who love to play with Kapla’s building planks will be encouraged and inspired to get creative. This handy book is one of a series that’s packed full of great designs for children to construct with Kapla planks, and is fantastic for stimulating their imagination and helping them to come up with new ideas. This volume focuses on animals, and is crammed with simple shapes for kids to construct without the need for glue or screws.

This book is a fantastic companion to the Kapla building planks game. It’s great for helping kids to think creatively, and will help them to learn building techniques and explore new creatures to construct. Kids can also take these ideas and use them to come up with their own wondrous and unique animals. Any little one with a big imagination will be excited and stimulated by this creative book.

  • The book includes simple animal shapes for children age 3+

  • It's the perfect companion to Kapla building planks.

  • It introduces new animals to construct and new building techniques.

  • It stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity.

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3 years+



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