Kapla Octocolour 100 Piece Set

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Discover a world of endless possibilities with this Kapla Octocolour 100 Piece Set.

Kapla planks are all identical sizes in the ratio of 1:3:5, which allows for construction to be adapted to suit your child's abilities, from as simple to as advanced as they wish.

This beautiful set of 100 Kapla blocks comes in eight different colours, creating even more possibilities for imaginative play.

Build anything from a house to a pirate ship or a giant dinosaur, the only limit is their imagination.

No screws, glue, clips or nails are needed for construction, just balance the blocks and build away.

Kapla is a fantastic way for all children to learn hand-eye coordination as well as a range of dexterous skills, enhancing their thinking, imagination, creativity and problem-solving.

Continue adding more blocks to your collection as ideas spring to mind and you could have a whole world of Kapla growing in your living room. Then simply pack up and start all over again with new creations tomorrow.Great for children who love Lego or construction sets.

  • Recommended for children aged 3+

  • Made of pine wood.

  • 100 pieces in eight different colours.

  • Stimulates imagination and creative play.

  • Helps develop dexterous skills and hand-eye coordination.

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3 years+



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