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A traditional teddy bear is something that every child enjoys. This high quality knitted bear is sure to be a favourite, with its soft blue knit and white fleecy fabrics. No bedroom would be complete without a bear for bedtime, and this one can sit with your child during all of their bedtime stories.

The perfect plush soft toy for younger and older children, this traditional teddy bear is ready for any adventure. It could become your child's new best friend, taken with them wherever they go. Or, leave it at home so that it's always ready for cuddles at the end of the day.

Whether they're sharing their own news, or talking about what Teddy's been up to, they'll build on important skills like storytelling, empathy and creativity. A good soft toy is a companion that little ones love to have around, and this one's a sensory treat for children thanks to its quality knitted fabrics. From nursery decoration to toy box favourite, this teddy can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • High quality knitted soft toy.

  • A variety of textures that children will love.

  • Builds storytelling, creativity and empathy skills.

  • Beautiful traditional design.

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Recommended age:

3 years+


A.B. Gee

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